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MapAble has been used to calculate the support for political parties in terms of total area in each demarcation type. The maps below describes the difference between Voting District to Municipal election results based on total area per major party. For context, the percentage of votes per major party nationally was: ANC-53.9%; DA-26.9%; EFF-8.2%; IFP-4.3%; Others-6.7%.

Elections 2016 Area


We have loaded all the Municipal Election results to the MapAble Catalog for users to study the recent local government elections. Municipal Election 2016

MapAble always strives to help users work in their MapAble workspace. See below a quick reference guide to your MapAble® user interface which explains the workspace layout and functionality.MapAble workspace layout

Analysing development and change in South Africa has become much easier with MapAble. MapAble has now loaded the Land cover layers for 1990, 1996, 2001, 2009 and 2014 (Source: GeoTerraImage).

Landcover change 90 14