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Data for Mapping and Analysis

This page lists the data categories we have. This structure is the framework within which we package our data. We are continuously adding data to the MapAble® server. We currently have more than 1 300 data sets available from which thousands of mapping layers can be generated. This is the data you can access when you subscribe to MapAble® However, we are not necessarily the owners of this data, and the use of the data is still subject to the terms and conditions of the owners of the data.


All the accessible data in our database is mostly national datasets. Through our subscribers' projects, we also have more localised data. However, as per our policies on privacy, confidentially, and ownership this data is only accessible to the subscribers through their projects.



Infrastructure data comes from various sources and include roads, airports, water, sanitation, electricity and other infrastructure related data & Manage Items.

Infrastructure Data

Base data includes current and historical boundaries, demarcations and cadastre in South Africa. The data originates from various sources including StatsSA, the Municipal Demarcation Board and the National Geo-spatial Information Services & Manage Items.

Base Data
Economic Sectors & Indicators Data

Economic data includes economic indicators such as GVA and employment data as well as data per economic sector.

Settlements Data

Settlement data comes from various sources. Data includes Eskom Spot Building Counts, dwelling frame data, kernel densities for households and businesses as well as urban typologies, hierarchies and many other data sets.

Data on facilities currently includes education and health facilities as well as data on police stations and precincts.

Facilities Data

Demographic data comes mainly from the previous censuses in South Africa and includes data from 1996, 2001 and 2011 at the smallest geographical level available.

Demographic Data

Institutional data focuses municipal audit outcomes, local government financial data and election results. This category is augmented with spatial plans where and when available. 

Institutional Data

Comprehensive environmental data on climate, geology, soil, vegetation and climate change are available.

Environmental Data
Social Data

South African crime statistics and public protest data are includes here. We are in the process of adding quality of life data.

Land data include some land cover data sets, tribal authority data and data on built up areas. However, there are many other land related data included in the other data groupings.

Land and Housing Data
Download the Base data catalog  (Full catalog included)
Sample of cadastral data
Download the Infrastructure data catalog  (Full catalog included)
Download the Economic Sectors and Indicator data catalog (Full catalog included)
Download the Settlement data catalog (Full catalog included)
Download the Facilities data catalog (Full catalog included)
Download the Demographics data catalog (Full catalog included)
Download the Institutional data catalog (Full catalog included)
Download the Environmental data catalog (Full catalog included)

Comprehensive environmental data on climate, geology, soil, vegetation, conservation and climate change are available.

Download the Conservation data catalog (Full catalog included)
Download the Social data catalog (Full catalog included)
Download the Land and Housing data catalog (Full catalog included)
Sample of Infrastructure service access data
Sample of Proximity to GVA & Employment data
Sample of private and public health facilities data
Sample of dominant language regions
Sample of municipal election results data
Sample of geology data
Sample of conservation and protected areas data
Sample of crime statistics data
Sample of land cover 2014 data
Sample of Household, Business & Community facility clusters