Thematic & Electronic Maps

MapAble offers a customised map service on various thematic-  and base-maps.  Clients simply specify which layers and background layers they require and we will do all the rest.  Maps can be requested in standard static image format (e.g. Jpg or .Png) or alternatively as dynamic maps to add to websites or URL links in reports.

Thematic Maps

A thematic map is a map that emphasizes a particular theme or special topic such as the average distribution of rainfall in an area. They are different from general reference maps because they do not just show natural features like rivers, cities, political subdivisions and highways.

Clients can browse our Data Catalog to discover data layers for thematic mapping or can alternatively send us their own specific data to be included on a map.

The effort to compile a customised thematic map differs widely from map to map. Issues like size, levels of detail and annotation determines the cost of producing a customised map.  We therefor require a description of the map before we can give a quotation for the specific map.

Examples of customised thematic maps:

The following maps are examples of thematic maps made for various clients.

Request a customised thematic map here.

Dynamic and electronic maps

A dynamic map can either be a link to an online map within a document or a map embedded in a website. Dynamic maps are particularly useful in documents where maps are generally small and illegible.  Simply add a URL (e.g. in the text of a printed document or add the URL to a map or object in an electronic document (e.g. Map)

Examples of electronic maps:
Blog2-01 Map
Mining Suitability Emakhazeni LM
Mkhondo Land Capability
Alexandra - Slope in degrees
Gauteng SDF 2011
Stateland - Industria West Robertville
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Website embedded dynamic maps

A website embedded dynamic map is an electronic map with added functionality (e.g. map navigation, info popups) which can be embedded into a client's website.  Client specific data can be displayed and interactively switched on and off.  The preparation and hosting of the map is done by MapAble but clients can update and change the content through a normal MapAble subscription. Please contact us for more information and quotations to embed a customised map in your website.

Example of a map embedded in a website:
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